About Us

Advocating for Affordable Homes in Texas

Established in 1989, Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies, or TALHFA, aims to inform, plan, and support the needs of local housing finance agencies in their delivery of affordable residences in the state of Texas. We are the only statewide association that focuses on the housing needs and concerns of local communities.

Housing Professionals Working Together

TALHFA members collaborate to contribute to this one piece of the housing continuum, which is necessary to serve the overall population of the ever-growing Texas communities. Our interests in meeting local housing needs are both personal and professional since our members live in the communities we serve.

Members of Our Trade Association

Based in Austin, Texas, our nonprofit organization has over 200 active members in all areas of affordable housing.

These professionals include:

  • Local Housing Finance Corporations (HFCs)
  • Bankers
  • Attorneys
  • Developers
  • Trustees
  • Service Providers
  • Consultants

Our members work together to offer affordable housing solutions. Some of the people living in these communities include: 

  • Working-class families
  • Professionals who are just starting out
  • Senior citizens who are downsizing or desire to live in a community atmosphere